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MMultimedia CVs add personality and detail that can’t be found on standard résumés. Delegate use Multimedia CVs which increase your chance of getting to interview by 33%.


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Your career is the most important journey you’ll ever make. It’s a life choice that affects most areas of your personal culture including your family and friends. It influences your employers journey, impacts on colleagues, even the economy. So as one of our candidates, we want you to enjoy what you do and to be the best you can be at it. That way we all succeed.

We love what we do here at Delegate International Recruitment. Our job is to bring talented, experienced, multilingual professionals and great businesses with global employment needs, together.  We’re ambitious, accomplished, motivated and above all professional in helping you achieve your career goals alongside our clients expectations. Our team are empowered to go the extra mile for candidates and clients, encouraged to think outside the box when shortlisting for jobs and work to targets that centre around service excellence and other non financial measurables.

As part of our strategy to develop a truly personal and marketing led service, we attend and exhibit at multiple recruitment fairs, trade missions and travel independently throughout Europe each year so we can meet candidates and clients face to face. (Find out where we’ll be next).

Our consultants are also available via telephone, Skype, text, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and email daily. Out of hours appointments are freely accommodated by appointment too.

Areas of Expertise

Delegate International Recruitment offers an extraordinarily varied range of career opportunities for candidates with multilingual skills.

Our area of specialism is Multilingual talent.  We work within the Pharmaceutical sector, Hospitality & Tourism,  IT,  Telecommunications, BPO’s/Contact Centre, MarComs, Financial Services, Automotive, Construct & Build, and Renewable Energy sectors.

Our vacancies in these sectors vary from junior level to senior management; Export Sales & Marketing, IP Specialists, Software Developers, Operations Management, Finance & Back Office Support, Technical Support, Frontline Customer Service, Project Managers, Accountants with international experience and hundreds of other job titles.

In addition to fluent English our multilingual talent recruitment base covers; French, German, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Flemish, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Arabic and amongst others. We have friends all over the world!

The Delegate Process

We invest time and effort into every candidate we represent; helping to fine tune your resume, we offer cutting edge technology for creating multilmedia CV’s, give full briefings on client companies, job duties and benefits packages, conduct in depth interview preparation including mock interviews, detailed feedback on performance, and we provide assistance and advice on relocation opportunities.

However, there’s a lot of time and hard work that goes on behind the scenes that you don’t always know about…. work to find you or allow you to find us, work to find thevacancy you apply for, to process your application and to manage clients expectations to name but a few


Job Searching

The are many tools available to help you research new job opportunities – here are just a few...

Using an Agency

Most Agencies work on the same principle – they get vacancies from clients looking for employee’s and find candidates with the skills and experience to fill these vacancies. The client with the vacancy pays the fee, and the candidate has no financial outlay or penalty.What changes is the standard of service, the specialism of the Agency, and the tools they use to deliver their service.

The best way of using Agencies is to select 2-3 agencies with a reputation of professionalism and integrity, that don’t have the same vacancies and who seem to work in a style you find innovative.

Then simply build a relationship with them – create genuine relationships that are built on respect and trust.

If you are successful in achieving this you will never have to proactively job hunt again. You will be in demand for vacancies that meet your skills set and experience.

Use the internet

Job-boards like Monster, and allow you to search hundreds of roles by industry, location, salary and/or job type. You can also register with these sites to receive daily emails listing jobs that match your specified criteria.

Read a newspaper and/or trade publication

Yes, it’s a more traditional way to find a job but national and local newspapers can still be good source of advertised vacancies – particularly if you are subscribed to online overseas versions in the location you are looking to work. They are also an excellent resource for finding out news and information about companies you’d like to work for, as well as industry news – you can then use this information to target career pages directly on company websites.

Using New Media

Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly popular mediums of advertising for companies. Friends sharing links and job postings is a strong referral network and gets the word out very quickly. It’s a great way of being in there with the first applications.

Similarly, professional networking sites such as Linkedin and Xing are not only a great place to find out industry news, and connect directly with organisations but they are also becoming a valuable tool used in the job search process by companies and by agencies. An online profile of some description is fast becoming a must have.

Use your network

Networking is not just for executives. You can enlist the help of family members, friends and colleagues to keep a lookout for opportunities that match your skills and interests, as well as introducing you to people that can help with your job search. Personal referrals when you apply for jobs are rated very highly too.

Applying for Jobs

Every application you make should be tailored specifically to the job you are applying for. Candidates often use Resume/CV’s as a lazy job application – so it doesn’t take much to make your resume stand out.

Here are our top tips:

  • Read the job advert or job description and ensure you meet the essential criteria. If you meet the criteria, ensure your resume includes all of the essential criteria. For example if the ad says you must have experience in using Excel Spreadsheets, it is not enough to say you have ‘excellent IT skills’. You must ensure your resume says the words “Excel Spreadsheets”. If you dont meet the essential criteria you are unlikely to get a response to your application.
  • If the companies you have worked for are overseas, include the type of company/industry it is or a link to the company website.
  • Do not make your resume a copy of a past job description. Potential employers and recruitment agents do not want to know what your job description says. Often your list of duties wont tell us about projects you have become involved in, mentoring you have carried out to assist new colleagues or what your role is within a wider team.
  • Prioritise your duties to ensure the items from the essential criteria are near the top of the job information.
  • As well as wanting to know what you actually do, we want to know how well you do it. Think about your achievements in current and past positions and include them on your resume. If you won an award or were employee of the month 5 times include it. If you were top sales person, consistently achieved 120% of target or even if you were asked to contribute to a project because you were an expert in a particular area put that on there too.
  • Remember that things in your personal interests and experiences can be beneficial to an application too. For example if you travelled the world for a year and funded it by doing things like picking fruit from 5am to 12 midday for 6 days per week – it isn’t the experience you gained picking fruit that is the selling point. It’s the fortitude you’ve shown making your own way, the commitment in getting up each day before dawn, the fact you are prepared for hard work (in this case physically), that you have the courage and communication skills to get jobs in 10 countries in 12 months, and that you experienced those cultures.
  • Be upfront and honest. For example if you have gaps in your employment, don’t try to hide them.
  • Include a cover letter with your CV that simply regurgitates the criteria you meet that is on the advert or job description. This can be in simple bullet form, or a short paragraph. It should not be another version of your resume – it should just have enough information to make the reader review your resume immediately.

Interview Tips

When interviewing with our clients you will be representing Delegate as well as yourself to some of the world’s leading businesses, so we screen our jobseekers carefully to ensure that they have the skills, personality, and attitude to succeed. Then we take it a step further and ensure that when invited to interview, our candidates are well researched, practised and confident for that important meeting with the client.

Here are some helpful tips included in our briefing information to our candidates.

  • Research the company. This should be more than a brief look at their website. Google them for news articles and review their news and information on their own site. Check out trade journals, and do a little research on their industry sector if necessary.
  • Read the job description/person specification and note 2-3 examples of your experience for each point covered. Include facts and figures where you can to back up information
  • Remember, this is your experience and your life’s work. If you have been able to write the examples above, then you already know all the answers and you just have to match them to the questions
  • Treat the interview as a business meeting. Dont be afraid to take a notebook and pen into the meeting, it’s good practise to take some of your research too, when you open a folder that has a printout or brochure with their branding on it, it visually reinforces that you thoroughly prepared for the meeting.
  • Ensure you construct your answers to questions to include a beginning, a middle and an end. So for a question where you are asked to give an example of something like…when you made an improvement to a system in your office….you should first set the scene by telling the interviewer what the situation was (I was asked to come up with a process that did x and y) . Next you explain what you did in that situation (so I identified that the issue was in XXX by doing YYYY and changed it to ZZZZ) and finally you should always give an outcome. The outcome can be factual (ie this resulted in a 30% increase in productivity in the department) or it can be a statement (ie the process was successfully implemented and rolled out across the territory).
  • Always pre prepare at least 5 questions to ask your interviewer at the end of the meeting. They will always ask if you have any questions and you can gain points and build rapport with your questions. Your questions should relate to the company, the job, the team you would work in. Think of things you have had genuine interest in from your research for interview. Show enthusiasm and a willingness to be flexible. Usually 2-3 of your questions will be answered at least partially during interview so you should prepare 5 and have them written down and refer to them

Career Management

At Delegate International Recruitment, we believe that a good deed will result in stronger relationships for our business in the future. It’s about being a responsible corporate citizen and ensuring our reputation generates referrals and future business. So if you're considering a change in career, promotion or industry change, give us a call for a little free advice.

Changing Career

If you are thinking of a change in career but aren’t sure of what you are qualified to do, it can be pretty stressful. A good starting point is to note the individual duties within your existing job, past career or personal life that you do enjoy or are particularly good at. Look at industries that work alongside your sector or that is involved with it and see what jobs are advertised for a little inspiration. Speak with friends, colleagues and family members about what they do.

If it is a complete career change where you are unlikely to enter a company at the same level you have worked at before, you should be prepared for a salary decrease. You will need to determine just how much you can afford to loose financially and in terms of responsibility in the workplace.

Internal Promotion

It’s one of the toughest processes you can face. It’s hard to optimise the truth to someone you report to and harder to influence more senior decision makers past your line managers information feed. Often when you are applying for an internal promotion there is an assumption that the company knows everything about you, however 90% of your experience is forgotten once you have been in the company’s employ for just a few months.

When showing your interest in a promotion, ensure you highlight the relevant skills and experience you have from other roles in the past. Don’t assume your track record in your existing role is known by your line managers boss. Your manager is measured on team performance and their own personal performance so there is not always a reason for the person above them to know your contribution. Assume that you will need to work for it from now, not that you have earned it already. Be prepared to volunteer to cover the position or some of the duties for an interim period if you can.

Our Guarantee

We want your experience of Delegate International Recruitment to be pleasant and productive, so we have devised a care charter to outline mutual expectations.

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We want our candidates to be comfortable, confident and well researched on career options abroad so we support relocating candidates before, during and after a move.

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We have a strong reputation for results, professionalism, loyalty and exceptional candidate care. Hereʼs what our candidates & employers have to say.

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