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Career Management

At Delegate International Recruitment, we believe that a good deed will result in stronger relationships for our business in the future. It’s about being a responsible corporate citizen and ensuring our reputation generates referrals and future business. So if you’re considering a change in career, promotion or industry change, give us a call for a little free advice.

Changing Career

If you are thinking of a change in career but aren’t sure of what you are qualified to do, it can be pretty stressful. A good starting point is to note the individual duties within your existing job, past career or personal life that you do enjoy or are particularly good at. Look at industries that work alongside your sector or that is involved with it and see what jobs are advertised for a little inspiration. Speak with friends, colleagues and family members about what they do.

If it is a complete career change where you are unlikely to enter a company at the same level you have worked at before, you should be prepared for a salary decrease. You will need to determine just how much you can afford to loose financially and in terms of responsibility in the workplace.

Internal Promotion

It’s one of the toughest processes you can face. It’s hard to optimise the truth to someone you report to and harder to influence more senior decision makers past your line managers information feed. Often when you are applying for an internal promotion there is an assumption that the company knows everything about you, however 90% of your experience is forgotten once you have been in the company’s employ for just a few months.

When showing your interest in a promotion, ensure you highlight the relevant skills and experience you have from other roles in the past. Don’t assume your track record in your existing role is known by your line managers boss. Your manager is measured on team performance and their own personal performance so there is not always a reason for the person above them to know your contribution. Assume that you will need to work for it from now, not that you have earned it already. Be prepared to volunteer to cover the position or some of the duties for an interim period if you can.