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Job Searching

The are many tools available to help you research new job opportunities – here are just a few…

Using an Agency

Most Agencies work on the same principle – they get vacancies from clients looking for employee’s and find candidates with the skills and experience to fill these vacancies. The client with the vacancy pays the fee, and the candidate has no financial outlay or penalty.What changes is the standard of service, the specialism of the Agency, and the tools they use to deliver their service.

The best way of using Agencies is to select 2-3 agencies with a reputation of professionalism and integrity, that don’t have the same vacancies and who seem to work in a style you find innovative.

Then simply build a relationship with them – create genuine relationships that are built on respect and trust.

If you are successful in achieving this you will never have to proactively job hunt again. You will be in demand for vacancies that meet your skills set and experience.

Use the internet

Job-boards like Monster, and allow you to search hundreds of roles by industry, location, salary and/or job type. You can also register with these sites to receive daily emails listing jobs that match your specified criteria.

Read a newspaper and/or trade publication

Yes, it’s a more traditional way to find a job but national and local newspapers can still be good source of advertised vacancies – particularly if you are subscribed to online overseas versions in the location you are looking to work. They are also an excellent resource for finding out news and information about companies you’d like to work for, as well as industry news – you can then use this information to target career pages directly on company websites.

Using New Media

Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly popular mediums of advertising for companies. Friends sharing links and job postings is a strong referral network and gets the word out very quickly. It’s a great way of being in there with the first applications.

Similarly, professional networking sites such as Linkedin and Xing are not only a great place to find out industry news, and connect directly with organisations but they are also becoming a valuable tool used in the job search process by companies and by agencies. An online profile of some description is fast becoming a must have.

Use your network

Networking is not just for executives. You can enlist the help of family members, friends and colleagues to keep a lookout for opportunities that match your skills and interests, as well as introducing you to people that can help with your job search. Personal referrals when you apply for jobs are rated very highly too.