German CSR Recruiter

Reference number: 0910

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Salary: €16000 incl accomodation

Languages: German

Closing date: 26 Sep 2014


This exciting role in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal, seeks a German speaking recruiter with proven experience in recruitment and selection, for a fantastic opportunity to be a part of a truly global business. You will be an integral part of a core team, with a position that will influence the direction and success of this global organisation.

You will be responsible for the recruitment and selection for German speaking positions, but this role will also encompass you being able to use any other languages which you speak fluently. 

Our client works with some of the most well known global brands across the world, supporting more than 60 languages. They offer flexible contracts and are committed to employee satisfaction, so whether you are looking for a contract of six months or more, or wish to work towards a more permanent position, there is something in this role for everyone. 

The flexibility for relocates and local applicants is exceptional, as is the location in beautiful Portugal. With competitive salaries and lower cost of living than in cities such as Berlin, Lisbon is a beautiful place to live with lovely beaches, fantastic weather, and a well served, busy airport with transport links all over Europe.

We are currently recruiting a Recruiter, with proven experience in Recruitment and Selection preferably within a high volume in-house call centre recruitment team.  This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a truly global business as an integral part of a core team, influencing the direction and success of this global organisation.

Job Specification

Fluency in written and spoken German and English is essential, with a high level of understanding of the international use of the English language. Previous experience as part of an internal recruitment team. Previous experience delivering objectives as part of a team is also desired.

The successful client will have excellent communication skills, with the ability to deal effectively with people at all levels. Computer literacy is also desired, with experience using email, internet, and MS Office packages.



  • Benefits include expenses covered, a loyalty bonus, holiday bonus, lunch allowance, and a return airline ticket once per year, allowing you to visit family or friends on one of your many holiday days. The company also offers free water sports and hiking, and free Portuguese language courses. The company also offers subsidised shared free accommodation to employees.


Relocation Reimbursement

  • The company offers airport pick up, and a refund of your initial flight to Portugal upon your relocation. Relocation support is also available from the company and from the Delegate team, and our relocation guide for Lisbon on our website contains a wealth of useful information.