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Delegate International Recruitment specialises in multilingual and international recruitment services for global clients with contingency and/or tactical human resource requirements.

We attract, extract and introduce talented multilingual candidates with expertise across Pharmaceutical, ICT, BPO’s, Hospitality, Construction & Engineering, Automotive and FMCG sectors for roles such as Export Sales & Marketing professionals, Technical Support, Software Development, Commercial Support, Admin, Finance, Customer Service, Leadership and Management.

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How We Work


It is our mission to offer  consultative recruitment partnerships with levels of flexibility, technology and personal interaction that our competitors would find hard to match.

70% of candidates taking first interview are shortlisted for second interview by our clients.


75% of jobs reaching second interview are filled by our candidates.


More than 90% of offers made to our candidates are managed through to acceptance based on the last 24 months.


100% of candidates start their new position as agreed at offer. This is due to the detailed care and relationship building we engage in with our candidates to ensure a genuine fit between client and candidates.

100% of Delegate candidates complete and pass training/probation.

  * Based on 2010 results  


At Delegate International, we concentrate our sourcing budgets on multilingual focussed marketing channels such as online advertising (reaching more than 200 specialist jobsites), and in-country multilingual job fairs in various locations across the world.  We have the ability and technology to add enhanced job postings to cast a wider net as well as access literally millions of potential applicants on any given day.

Our focus on multilingualism as the key skill enables us to reach a much wider geographical audience, offering clients, not just the best available candidates in the area or in the county, but the best candidates in the country, or even the world!

Account Handlers at Delegate are trained in project management, destination selling and NLP to ensure we are proactively and effectively marketing our clients vacancies in the most professional and positive way with every candidate we speak with. This means that our hit rate on converting interest to genuine, well researched and informed applications is very strong.

We also engage in proactive searches, with our personal Delegate Ambassadors worldwide passing us their network referrals and recommending our services to colleagues and even employers.   Sourcing is just the beginning...


Using the latest technologies such as fully integrated Applicant Tracking and CRM systems, e-learning, multimedia CVʼs, video recorded pre-interviews/profiles and best in class search and new media tools we are able break down geographical barriers from client to candidate and increase the submission to interview rate by almost 33% in comparison to industry averages.

Multimedia CV System

A Multimedia CV adds personality and detail that cannot be found on standard resumes. Find out what the editor of leading Recruitment publication Recruitment International said about this innovative product.

Skype Video Conferencing

Teleconferencing, skype video and multiway video conferencing are part of our everyday communication tools. These simple but effective tools help us to build stronger rapport over geographic divides.

Using video conferencing not only let's us have a visual connection with candidates but also offers them free communication mediums. Furthermore, we've found the commitment and effort from candidates engaging via these tools is stronger and more effective.

Mindleader Online Training

Mindleader Premier training & development services - a range of online courses (e-learning) in business, technical and software skills with an extensive library of over 1000 industry-recognised courses and videos.


Our integrated Applicant Tracking System and Customer Relationship Management software was developed by the global leaders in web-based recruitment software. 

Fully integrated with, job boards and our multimedia CV system, our corporate edition has been fully customised to enable us to track all applicants, compliance information, video recorded interviews, travel information for relocation, as well as referral streams for efficient and accurate reporting and operational standards.

Coming early 2012…

Relocation and Global Salary Comparison Software

With ever increasing mobilisation of a multilingual workforce we have our finger on the pulse of both cultural and financial aspects that will attract candidates to a different region.


Our procedures have been developed to ensure that every client and every candidate on every project receive the same levels of care and professionalism. The process can be adapted to meet the clients specific requirements, this it is agreed in advance and a smooth and transparent process then follows for all parties.

Click on the diagram below to view more our methodology in more detail.

Critical Path

Our critical path shows the average activity and timeline for a general, mid level role from initial contact to placement. This timeline is adjusted to meet the clients specific requirements and acts as a guideline to forecast time to hire. This has been adjusted to as little as 3 days for vacancy to placement including a relocation, the longest is around 5 months for a more senior management role overseas.

Click on the image below to view the Critical Path in detail.


They say moving house is one of the most stressful things one does in the course of their life, imagine how that multiplies when your potential new house is in a new country.

It is important to us on a personal level that candidates relocating for new contracts or permanent positions are made to feel as relaxed and prepared for the move as possible.

In physical location that means airport pick ups, show rounds, a sociable coffee and practical support, coordinating hotel accommodation for employers and advising on property locations, schools, healthcare and social activities that may match the candidates individual interests.

Relocation services are offered free of charge for our individual client placements, however such is the speed of the settling in period and productivity of Delegate candidates that we now offer relocation package services for any client employee’s.  Relocation budgets allocated for flight, accommodation, airport transfers are paid to the agency in return for management of the administration coordination, booking process, and support services to the candidates.


We have a strong reputation for results, professionalism, loyalty and exceptional candidate care. Hereʼs what our candidates & employers have to say.

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Case Studies

Striving to achieve excellence in every recruitment project, we have developed best practise to rival benchmarks in any service sector.

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Vision & Values

The decisions we make, our interaction with customers and suppliers, and the way we work internally is shaped by our Strategy Map

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