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Using the latest technologies such as fully integrated Applicant Tracking and CRM systems, e-learning, multimedia CVʼs, video recorded pre-interviews/profiles and best in class search and new media tools we are able break down geographical barriers from client to candidate and increase the submission to interview rate by almost 33% in comparison to industry averages.

Multimedia CV System

A Multimedia CV adds personality and detail that cannot be found on standard resumes. Find out what the editor of leading Recruitment publication Recruitment International said about this innovative product.

Skype Video Conferencing

Teleconferencing, skype video and multiway video conferencing are part of our everyday communication tools. These simple but effective tools help us to build stronger rapport over geographic divides.

Using video conferencing not only let’s us have a visual connection with candidates but also offers them free communication mediums. Furthermore, we’ve found the commitment and effort from candidates engaging via these tools is stronger and more effective.

Mindleader Online Training

Mindleader Premier training & development services – a range of online courses (e-learning) in business, technical and software skills with an extensive library of over 1000 industry-recognised courses and videos.


Our integrated Applicant Tracking System and Customer Relationship Management software was developed by the global leaders in web-based recruitment software. 

Fully integrated with, job boards and our multimedia CV system, our corporate edition has been fully customised to enable us to track all applicants, compliance information, video recorded interviews, travel information for relocation, as well as referral streams for efficient and accurate reporting and operational standards.

Coming early 2012…

Relocation and Global Salary Comparison Software

With ever increasing mobilisation of a multilingual workforce we have our finger on the pulse of both cultural and financial aspects that will attract candidates to a different region.

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