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Advantages of working in a multilingual contact centre arena. (There are lots, honest!)

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Contact Centres, Call Centres, BPO’s you’ve heard of them and yes they are all the same thing. However, have you considered the advantages and perks YOU can gain from working in this field!

Having personally worked and recruited for this industry for over ten years, I can say I’ve worked with some fantastic people, world class clients, and witnessed some amazing success stories. This is an industry for anyone and everyone who wants to try something new, fast paced, working with a bluechip brands, where no two days are the same and the training is unparalleled in other industries.

Call Centres often receive a bad rep, but they are here to stay and should be embraced. Every company needs customers, almost every customer needs help at some point whether it’s by telephone or online and the call centre agent is the new professional customer service specialist. What’s even better is the evolution that is seeing bilingual specialist call centres gathering international communities under one state of the art roof, to provide customers in 26 countries the same level of support and service from their trained professionals.

Ok good, you’re still here. Listen closely…. as important as the professional exposure, they are also good for your social life! Especially for said bilingual specialists who are relocating from other countries and don’t already have a network in their new location. BPO’s offer a fantastic platform for socialising, there are just so many people of all ages and backgrounds –it’s fascinating. Often the call centre will have actual social and sporting clubs too (yey, organised fun). Seriously, where else would you meet people from all over the world from the luxury of your nice warm desk!

So does it seem such a bad place?

I haven’t even mentioned the variable pay rates, the bonuses, and benefits that come with it. Yes yes, we all know the basic salaries aren’t going to set the world on fire, but what they will do is support a good general standard of living in the local area and get you to the next stage.

On-going training, development and coaching takes place on a daily basis and while there aren’t promotions available for everyone there are often secondments, or contract roles being offered to internal staff to further develop their skills in different areas of the business.. In fact a certain individual I recruited is now a Director across 3 continents for a world famous client, and started at the very bottom 3 years prior whilst studying at University. It is true what they say, a good attitude, hard work, commitment, and passion for excelling will get you anywhere you want to go.

It’s a great entry level job too. A typical (non call centre) employer will be looking for 2-3 years work experience so even if you don’t wish to spend an entire career in a call centre environment, a good steadfast 18-24 months in a professional call centre environment where you have consistently obtained good results on your targets, received some recommendations and perhaps got involved in a secondment or project outside your agent role, will see the next stage of your career flourish.

So I say…embrace the Call Centre!!!!!!!! It isn’t all bad, in fact I’m off to start recruiting for yet another new BPO, so watch out for my recruits pushing up the career ladder in the near future!