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Delegate Operations Manager Graduates Emerging Leaders Programme

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The team would like to congratulate David Kennedy, International Operations Manager at Delegate International Recruitment on his recent graduation from the Emerging Leaders Programme at the William J Cilnton Leadership Institute at Riddel Hall, Queens University Belfast.

The illustrious programme is concerned with developing talented individuals for more strategic, and senior positions. The program also works with sponsoring organisations to maximise development opportunities and deliver results in the work place.

Emerging Leaders promises to transform “high performing managers into tomorrow’s leaders” and Delegate Recruitment is delighted to have their first graduate from the programme on their already highly experienced and skilled team. These are the things that will inject further innovation and entrepreneurial attitudes into Delegate International, and it is hoped that David’s experiences in the Emerging Leaders programme will help continue our growth, both in revenue and expertise.

Delegate’s internal talent strategy ensures team members are supported in all areas, and have a generous budget for the things that motivate and inspire them, such as training and travel. We look forward to more graduations and certifications within the team in the coming weeks and months.