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Global Exhibition Attracts New Multilingual Talent

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A Northern Ireland based multilingual recruitment company, Delegate International, has just returned from a hugely successful five day multilingual recruitment exhibition in…. Cyberspace! The award winning Agency, who normally partake (physically) in specialist multilingual exhibitions in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Prague and various other cities across Europe, met with more than 2000 visitors to their electronic exhibition stand, from the convenience of their office.

Anne Murphy, Director of Delegate International commented, “This is the first and most exciting exhibition of itʼs kind in the multilingual recruitment world, we were very pleased to be part of it alongside global innovators such as IBM, Xerox, Teletech, Teleperformance and our local neighbours The gem.

This electronic frontier allowed us to meet with jobseekers as far away as China and Korea as well as our usual geographical target markets in Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France and the Nordic countries.”

So how does a virtual recruitment fair work? David Kennedy, Account Executive at Delegate Explains.

“Our aim as a company is to offer a personal, professional service to candidates as well as clients, and believe it or not, this virtual exhibition actually gave us a platform to engage candidates in a more friendly, relaxed and personable way. On a normal day a candidate might see on advertisement online and all they have to work with is the 300 words or so that describe that position. At the virtual exhibitions we were able to kit out a virtual office, display information in our reception area such as videoʼs, banners and images.

In our careers room we had career advice and tools such as Facebook and Twitter to engage candidates long term, and our personal online chat room meant we were able to converse with candidates and other exhibitors in real time. Candidates were even chatting to each other. We were also able to schedule chat topics out of hours when a normal exhibition would be closed, and hundreds of candidates logged in to talk to us about their careers, live vacancies and about Delegate.”

The entire exhibition resulted in a record 19,000 visitors from across the world. With around 12% of the visitors stopping in for a chat with the Delegate Team and a further 24% registering with the multilingual agency, who were at the time physically posted in various locations in the Nordics attending an Invest NI Trade Mission.