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Location Guide: Copenhagen

Welcome to Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, otherwise København in Danish, is the capital of Denmark, and is the largest city in Scandinavia, with more than 1.8 million residents, more than 86% of who are fluent in English. Copenhagen is regarded as an open and informal working culture with the ultimate work-life balance. The Danish market has a dynamic economy, average standards of living are high, and the philosophy of many Copenhagen’s is that life is different and greener in Copenhagen!

Copenhagen is well known for its low crime rate, general efficiency and high standard of cultural and entertainment attractions. A night out in the city is comparable to prices you might find in London, but are much cheaper than the rest of Scandinavia, marking it as the perfect place to sample Scandinavian culture without breaking the bank.

Working in Copenhagen

As of 2014, Copenhagen was the 10th most expensive city to live in, but quality of life and minimum wage tend to reflect this. Negotiated minimum wage is approximately $20/hour / 107 Danish Krone. Income tax in Denmark, however, is high by international standards, and ranges from 45% to a high 56%. The flat-rate VAT in Denmark is 25%. Most employers prioritise flexible working hours and cater to the family life of their employees without compromising productivity, promoting a forward thinking attitude towards work that reflects the mood of the city.

The government offers free schooling, healthy services, reasonably priced childcare and a safe and healthy standard of living.

Living in Copenhagen

The Danes are fun loving people. One quirky social activity to watch out for in the summer months is the Friday Night Skate, where every other Friday almost 500 people on wheels take to the streets of Copenhagen! It makes for a strange sight but is proof of the kind of relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere you’re likely to find in the heart of the city.

Whether your taste is for the traditional Danish food or the New Nordic Cuisine, the Danes are real foodies, and while dining our can be expensive (but always worth it!) there are some bargains to be had around the city. As a nation of beer drinkers, there is a wealth of microbreweries across the city that have had something of a resurgence in recent years. Alongside these brews, there’s of course the well known brands available, such as Carlsberg. 

Copenhagen is Northern Europe’s largest airport, an easily accessible location has a very efficient train service to the capital which takes approximately 20-25 minutes. Trains also run to other parts of the island, and there is the newly constructed road bridge to Sweden just past the airport. Taxi’s to the city centre are in the region of 300DK (approximately £30.00) so the train service would be the preferred method of travel. Like all European cities, Copenhagen is supported by a fantastic network of trains and buses, making the city very easy to traverse and explore.

Cycling is naturally the cheapest way of commuting, and is one of the busiest cities in Europe for daily cyclists, with an estimated 36,000 using cycle lanes in and out of the city. The wealth of lanes means that cycling is well supported on all city centre roads and is very safe, even to those new to city cycling. Bikes are available to rent across the city as well for relatively cheap, and you can lock them up as you arrive, ready for someone else to rent if needs be.




The Average Cost of Living In Copenhagen



Meal at an inexpensive restaurant

100.00 kr

Meal for 2 with 3 courses, mid range restaurant

650.00 kr

Combo meal at McDonalds, etc.

65.00 kr



Domestic Beer (0.5 litre draught)

                                             45.00 kr

Imported Beer (0.33 litre bottle)

                                             40.00 kr

Wine (10 cl glass, depending on brand)

                                            60.00 kr


                                            33.00 kr

Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre bottle)

                                            22.52 kr

Water (0.33 litre bottle)

                                           18.16 kr



One way ticket 

24.00 kr

Monthly Pass

380.00 kr

Taxi Start 

35.00 kr

Taxi 1km 

14.00 kr

Gasoline (1 litre)

11.89 kr

Monthly Rent and Living Costs 


Apartment (1 bedroom) in city centre 

7,750.00 kr

Apartment (1 bedroom) outside city centre

 5,593.00 kr

Apartment (3 bedrooms) in city centre

15,833.00 kr

Apartment (3 bedrooms) outside city centre

11,210.00 kr

Utilities (electricity, heating, water etc.

for small apartment)

1,114.00 kr

1 minute of prepaid mobile tariff local (no discounts or plans)

0.81 kr

Internet (6 Mbps, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL)

182.00 kr

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