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Location Guide: Varna

Welcome to Varna, Bulgaria

Varna is the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, and the third largest city in Bulgaria. It’s known as the the summer time capital of Bulgaria, and is a major tourist destination. It’s part of the so called Bulgarian Las Vegas and was named as Bulgaria’s Best City in 2007 and 2008. The Varna Necropolis is a record holder, and one of the key archaeological sites in world prehistory. It contains the oldest golden treasure in the world, consisting of artifacts dating back to 4750 BC! 

There is plenty in Varna for history buffs to enjoy, but if you prefer to enjoy more modern exploits, the city has plenty to offer for all tastes. The weather in Varna is consistently fantastic, with temperatures in the summer regularly reaching between 70 and 80°F. Summer starts in early May and lasts until early October. Snow falls only a handful of times in the Winter and melts very fast, so there’s plenty of opportunities to enjoy Varna’s many gorgeous beaches. In recent years, Varna has become an attractive international shopping destination with a range of massive shopping malls opening, including Mall Varna and Grand Mall. The city has many of the finest eateries in the nation and has a massive range of ethnic food places.

Working in Varna

The economy in Varna is service based, with 61% of the net revenue generated by trade and tourism. Varna is among the best-performing and fastest-growing Bulgarian cities, with unemployment three times lower than the national average.

Work attire in Varna is fairly formal, with things a bit more relaxed in the creative industries. In the summer when the temperatures are high, most business allow a bit of flexibility with their dress code. Bulgarians are very relaxed about time keeping and Varna is filled with wonderful cafes and bars to enjoy a drink in the sun, so depending on your career area, you can expect quite a relaxed atmosphere. In the summer months, with the high volume of tourists, the city itself will be very busy but the tourist population insures that there are plenty of transportation links to get you where you need to go. 

It is highly recommended to study the Cyrillic alphabet before moving to Varna, or upon arrival. Being a resort area, most of the signs and so on will be in English, and menus should have an English option available, but for the most part, rudimentary knowledge of the alphabet will make your relocation that little bit easier and make travelling, shopping and adjusting to your new workplace a little easier.

Living in Varna

The city offers a great deal of sports, with football being the favourite among locals. There are two rival clubs in the nation’s top professional league. The north of the city has 3 professional 18-hole gold courses, and there is also a kart racing track, a hippodrome, a horseback riding school, and Asparuhov bridge is the foremost bungee jumping venue in the nation. Whether you prefer your sports to be thrilling, or a little bit more relaxed, you’re covered either way.

If sports aren’t your thing, Varna has plenty of offer in the way of arts and culture. It’s a close neighbour to the popular coastal resorts of Golden Sands, St. Constantine & Helena, and Albena, Varna has a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Varna is also the host city of numerous prestigious cultural events. Varna has some of the finest and oldest museums, as well as the best arts companies and festivals, with a bustling pop culture scene. Varna is a front runner for European Capital of Culture for 2019, and hosts the historic International Ballet Competition.

Bulgaria in general is very strict on seat belts and drink driving. There is virtually zero tolerance to driving while intoxicated, with heavy fines enforced for a blood alcohol content as low as 0.05%. It’s best to avoid driving entirely if you’ve had even a small drink, and make use of one of the many available taxis to get home.

Varna’s international airport is increasingly busy, with flights all over Europe fairly frequently. Because of the city’s high tourist population in the summer, there are many flights at extremely competitive prices, especially in the summer. The city is quieter in the winter months as the tourist season dies down, but with the summer lasting so long, the slower city will come as a welcome respite and when the sun starts to come out again, the hustle and bustle will be welcome again.

Compared to the rest of Europe, Varna has very low prices, even lower than Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The currency is the Bulgarian Lev, and compared to the likes of Berlin or Paris, the prices in Varna are often  half as low. This makes Varna a fantastic tourist and resort location that without the costs that you’d usually expect.


The city has many of the finest eateries in Bulgaria and has a massive range of ethnic food restaurants, covering everything from traditional Bulgarian cuisine to Turkish and Indian food.



 The Average Cost of Living in Varna



Meal at an inexpensive restaurant

8.00 лв (€4.00)

Meal for 2 with 3 courses, mid range restaurant

35.00 лв (€17.89)

Combo meal at McDonalds, etc.

6.75 лв (€3.45)



Domestic Beer (0.5 litre draught)

        2.00 лв (€1.02)

Imported Beer (0.33 litre bottle) 

        2.50 лв (€1.28)

Wine (10cl glass, depending on brand)

        4.00 лв (€2.04)


        1.90 лв (€0.97)

Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre bottle)

        1.62 лв (€0.83)

Water (0.33 litre bottle) 

        0.93 лв (€0.48)



One way ticket

1.00 лв (€0.51)

Taxi start

1.00 лв (€0.51)

Taxi 1km

0.80 лв (€0.41)

Gasoline (1 litre)

2.60 лв (€1.33)

Sports and Leisure


Fitness club/gym, monthly fee                          

    39.60 лв (€20.24)

Tennis court rent (1 hour)

   17.50 лв (€8.95)

Adult cinema ticket

    9.41 лв (€4.81)

Monthly Rent and Living Costs


Apartment (1 bedroom) in city centre

349.00 лв (€178.00)

Apartment (1 bedroom) outside city

270.00 лв (€138.00

Apartment (3 bedrooms) in city centre

548.00 лв (€280.00)

Apartment (3 bedrooms) outside city

431.00 лв (€220.00

Utilities (electricity, heating, water etc. for small apartment)

124.00 лв (€63.00) 




0.79 лв (0.40€)


2.10 лв (1.07€)

Coffee Pack

4.00 лв (2.05€)

1.5l Coca Cola Bottle

1.59 лв (0.81€)

1.5l Sparkling Water

0.89 лв (0.46€)

1 Kilo of tomatoes

1.79 лв (0.92€)

1 Kilo of potatoes

0.80 лв (0.41€)

1 Kilo of apples

1.99 лв (1.02€)

1 Kilo of grapes

2.99 лв (1.53€)

10 eggs free range

3.50 лв (1.79€)

Spaghetti Pack

1.00 лв (0.51€)

1.5 Kilo of Chicken Fillet

10.00 лв (0.41

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